Exterior of Brewster Inn

Our Maine Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful alternative to the typical hotel and motel accommodations for Maine family vacations, honeymoons, a romantic getaways.  We recognize that it can be intimidating to think of staying in “someone’s home,” but once you enjoy a stay at a great B&B, you’ll see that it’s so much better than any other lodging options. First-time B&B guests are often uncertain of what to expect, so we’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, debunk some of the myths, and provide some information specific to The Brewster Inn.


Guests might be afraid they won’t have any privacy. Each B&B is set up differently, with intentions of making you feel welcome. The Brewster Inn is spacious with a large living room, expansive gardens, screened porch, and covered patio for reading, conversation, or relaxing as you watch the world go by. The dining room is also available for writing, or playing board games. You’re encouraged to interact with other guests as much, or as little, as you choose. Each guestroom has a lock on the door and a private bathroom. You’re also given a key to the front door to come and go as you wish.


Breakfast is one of the great values included in the B&B experience. New B&B guests may feel they will be dictated to as to what time they have to eat. Each B&B has different routines for breakfast. The Brewster Inn serves a buffet-style breakfast, 7 days a week from 8-9:30am, to allow you to eat at the time you want. Breakfast includes juice, milk, coffee, tea, eggs, fruit salad, breads, cereals, and a different hot serving each day. Please make your hosts aware of any special dietary issues or food allergies. Learn more about Breakfast at The Brewster Inn.


B&B guestrooms are not all one cookie-cutter price like hotels. The Brewster Inn guestrooms are available at a range of prices to suit the most budget-conscious traveler to the guest that would love everything. Please feel free to browse the room selection on our website and discuss any questions about them with us.  Brewster Inn guestrooms include free:  fast Wi-Fi, large smart TVs and plush luxury robes to wear during your stay. Coffee and tea are also available 24/7 in the dining room and some rooms have personal keurigs.  If you’d like something stronger, a good selection of beer and wines are available for purchase too. Explore our guestrooms, and BOOK TODAY!


Guests are often accustomed to hotel chains where all rooms are replicas of each other. B&B guestrooms tend to have much more personality. The Brewster Inn is a unique and special historic mansion full of personality ready to be explored both inside and outside in the gardens. Some guestrooms also have their own fireplaces and original window seats; and the Honeymoon Suite includes a huge 30 jet air tub. The Brewster Inn is a child-friendly bed and breakfast, and we are lucky to be located across the street from a large playground for children.


Guests new to the B&B experience may be unsure of how Innkeepers will interact with them and fear they will be intrusive. At The Brewster Inn we strive to make your stay with us a wonderful experience while, at the same time, respecting your privacy. We are a great resource of information on the local area events, restaurants, shopping, and tourism opportunities. We are always available for a chat throughout the day. Anything you need at all, please just ask. Our sole aim is for you to feel the Inn is like a home-away-from-home and that you will want to return and recommend us to your family and friends.

“Newbie” B&B Guest Quotes:

“My first ever stay in a bed and breakfast. It’s a beautiful hideaway that fits in perfectly with the surroundings here. very homely with a warm feeling of knowing you’re supposed to be here and we’re glad we are.”

“We had an amazing stay. It was warm and comfy like we were home. I would say that for our first b&b this definitely will be memory we will remember for a very long time. Thank you for all your hard work, especially waiting up late for us to check in. We look forward to coming back” -Jon and Karen

“We were so lucky to find such a great place with super accommodation. We only wish we could stay longer and will be telling our friends back home about it, offering to show them how to get here… of course so we can stay again. Thank you Brewster Inn for making the first day of our romantic getaway end on a very, very high note.”  -Ally and Adam

“Thank you for making my first stay in a b&b extraordinary. Spent 2 nights in 2 amazing rooms, Honeymoon Suite and Game room. Looking forward to seeing you again next summer.” -Keith, Marie and Nathan

“I had never stayed at a B&B before and this was an astounding experience. I have already written a friend of mine in Mass telling her that she must come up to see this place. Being here is an adventure unto itself. I can’t wait to return…”  -Carol

“As our first stay in a bed & breakfast we found it very comfy, cozy and clean. The innkeeper Mark was very professional, personable, welcoming and knowledgeable. This was such a great place to stay. It’s so cute we’ll be back to stay again. Loved the common room, super warm and cozy…” -Susan

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