A Touch of England Brought to Maine

“A touch of England brought to Maine” is courtesy of your English host & southern hostess, Mark & Tina Stephens. A romantic, friendly, incredibly comfortable National Register bed and breakfast welcomes you to Dexter, Maine. Whether you are looking for a beautiful Maine vacation filled with outdoor activities, a romantic getaway, a quiet weekend of relaxation, winter sports, a wedding venue, or various other activities, we would love to look after you at the Brewster Inn and treat you to some wonderful English and southern hospitality. We’re more than happy to use our knowledge of the area to help you get the very best out of your Maine vacation at the Brewster Inn and Dexter, making it a time you will always remember.

Inside the Inn:

Nestled in the heart of Maine’s rich history, the Brewster Inn welcomes you to a serene retreat within a meticulously preserved former governor’s mansion. Our historic home exudes charm and character, adorned with captivating photos and artifacts that narrate its fascinating past.

Start your day in our beautiful dining area, overlooking the meticulously manicured gardens that envelop the inn. Delight in a leisurely breakfast, savoring each delectable bite as you soak in the tranquil ambiance. At the Brewster Inn, every moment is infused with warmth and relaxation. The historic setting inviting you to create unforgettable memories.

Step into our inviting common rooms. Here ample space and cozy furnishings beckon you to unwind, read, and connect with fellow guests. Snuggle up on the living room window seat during the winter months to admire the tranquil snowfall. Or you can cozy up by the crackling fire with a captivating novel and a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Seeking a taste of local flavors? Indulge in a selection of cold beers curated by Mark, featuring the finest brews from nearby breweries.

Brewster Inn Gardens and Grounds

Experience the enchantment of our exquisite English gardens. Unwind on our charming screened porch, offering the perfect setting for your morning coffee or tea. Explore over an acre of meticulously curated rose and perennial gardens, adorned with a captivating rose arbor. Indulge in the melodic symphony of birdsong while savoring breakfast on our covered back terrace or patios, overlooking the picturesque landscape.

Just across the street, discover a delightful playground, inviting you to further embrace leisurely strolls and playful moments. As the day transitions to evening, savor a glass of wine and witness the breathtaking sunset from our idyllic grounds. Click on the images below to view them larger.

Your Hosts, Mark and Tina

Mark and Tina Stephens, the proprietors of the Brewster Inn, embody the essence of hospitality. They ensure that every guest feels not just welcomed, but truly cared for during their Maine vacation. Their dedication to providing a memorable experience is evident in their attentive and professional demeanor. With warmth and expertise, Mark and Tina offer personalized guidance, crafting itineraries tailored to each guest’s interests and preferences. From the moment of arrival, the tone is set for a relaxing stay. Thoughtful recommendations for local attractions and dining spots, and every detail meticulously attended to. Their wealth of knowledge about the inn’s history and the surrounding area enriches guests’ experiences, while their genuine friendliness fosters a sense of belonging.

Whether it’s enjoying Tina’s delicious homemade breakfast or conversing with Mark about local craft beers and shared interests, the atmosphere at the Brewster Inn exudes warmth and camaraderie. Mark and Tina’s commitment to providing exceptional hospitality ensures that every visit to the Brewster Inn is not just a stay, but a cherished memory. Their genuine care and attention to detail create a haven where you can truly relax and indulge in the beauty of Maine, knowing you’re in the capable hands of hosts who go above and beyond to make your stay unforgettable. For 1st time B&B guests looking for more info on the B&B experience, read our blog post for 1st timers.

What Our Guests are Saying about our Maine Vacation Destination:

“I had the pleasure of staying at the Brewster Inn in Aug ’23 when I visited Maine for the first time. We were looking for a true B&B experience where I could enjoy some local atmosphere in a warm and welcoming environment. I found it at the Brewster Inn. Mark and Tina were great hosts – very friendly and knowledgeable. Mark showed me where I could find several local attractions and spots of interest I likely wouldn’t have found on my own. The entire place is very clean and tastefully decorated with many photos and artifacts describing the building’s interesting past. The back patio was a relaxing place to read and relax. Byron