Another quickie post for today just to let you all know that on October 16th we have HGTV coming to the Brewster Inn to film for their popular  nationwide TV show “If Walls Could Talk”!

This is something that we’ve been working on with “High Noon Entertainment” for a couple of months to spread the name of the Brewster Inn and the town of Dexter right across America as the more business we get here, the more people will come to Dexter, spend their money with businesses in the town and start to make Dexter a “stopping off” point rather than a “passing through” point which in reality it probably is right now

HGTV is the most watched group of channels in America after the main stations like NBC and Fox etc and the show will be repeated at numerous times in the future

 The TV crews will be here for around 10 hours on the 16th and we will be in series 9 of “If Walls Could Talk” which will air late Spring 2008. As soon  as we know the date, we’ll let you know and put it on the homepage at

Also while i’m here keep an eye out on the Brewster website as in about 4-6 weeks the 2nd version of the site will go live and even though we love how the site currently looks, there was always going to be a bigger more informative version appearing that will include all new photography, more information on Governor Brewster, Dexter and the area in general. I’ve seen “work in progress” and its brilliant!!