Come and have your wedding day at the Brewster Inn.  We’ve discovered we have a very special and unique setting for weddings and having done 8 in the last 2 years ranging from 20 to 200 people and we know that we can give you the perfect surroundings for your special day.

The Brewster Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a former Maine Governor and Government Senators family home.  A portrayal of this family is seen in the Golden Globe award winning movie “The Aviator” starring Leonardo De Caprio (as Howard Hughes) and Alan Alda (as senator Ralph Owen Brewster).  In June 2008 we were showcased on national TV on HGTV “If Walls Could Talk” due to the many famous people that have been here over the years Inc Presidents, Senators and other well known figures.  We are proud to be part of such fascinating history!

We exhibited at a big bridal show in Bangor ME last Sunday and came away with 14 very good enquiries.  We’d certainly like to convert as many of those as we can over the next 2 years into very special wedding events.

Why should people get married at the Brewster Inn?

The uniqueness of the home and gardens as described above.  We don’t have your typical wedding venue which in a lot of cases is a brick conference centre surrounded by tarmac car park where they may do 2 weddings in 2 separate halls side by side at the same time, or tell you that you have a time slot between 11 and 3 but you must all be gone by 3.30 so that they can get ready for the next wedding that’s on from 5 to 9.  No, what we do is give you the whole property and gardens for the day.  It’s yours to enjoy for the best day of your life.

We have 10 guest rooms which can accommodate as many as 37 people and range from expansive to cosy, all offering a distinct personality. Each has a private bath, quality mattresses, AC, cable TV, DVD players with an excellent selection of movies for all ages. Some feature king size beds, fireplaces, original wood panelling, window seats and original tiled bathrooms. Others offer a view of the gardens or a whirlpool bath for 2. One handicapped accessible guestroom is also available. WI-FI is available throughout the Inn.

We have 2.5 acres of gardens in which we can put very large tents to hold your wedding and assure you privacy at all times due to the trees and bushes around the property line.  With the various ornamental structures in our gardens there are so many opportunities for the perfect spot in which to get married and to have your photographs taken which will hold your wedding memories forever.

We do things a little differently here.  We like to think of ourselves as being flexible where we don’t tell you which photographer, florist or caterer you’ll use.  Of course we have recommendations but you can choose.  We’re not “fussy” either so you can pretty much do what you like to make your day the best ever.

As for the cost for the your event here, we know we work out very well on price too so there’s another big reason to have your special day here

For people coming longer distance and looking for a mini vacation whilst at your wedding, our location is pretty much the geographical centre point of Maine hence the term we use “Destination Dexter”.
Guests base their vacation here at the Brewster Inn and this provides them with the perfect point in which to enjoy their Maine vacation where everything is within easy reach.  Destinations such as Moosehead Lake 1 hour drive (38 miles), Camden 1 hour and 42 minute drive (67 miles), Bar Harbor 2 hour drive (87 miles), Freeport and LLBean 1 hour and 40 minute drive (99 miles), Portland 2 hour drive (115 miles), Canada (3 hours).

Take a look at our wedding page and some of the weddings we’ve done with our slideshow


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