Who doesn’t love chocolate? Ok, maybe some people, but for the most part, it’s universally loved. Our theory here at The Brewster Inn is any day, any month, any time is good for chocolate. But, as February draws to an end, we can’t help but reflect on how the month always inspires extra chocolate goodies thanks to Valentine’s Day. We had some couples celebrating Valentine’s throughout the month by booking into our Honeymoon Suite. Couples often book our Romance Package to go along with their stay. The Romance Package includes a dozen long-stemmed roses, a bottle of champagne (or wine if prefer) and strawberries. We’ve recently added the option to choose chocolate covered strawberries. Have you ever tried chocolate covered grapes? We first tasted them while in Kentucky at Old Kentucky Chocolates. It’s a delicious bite-size chocolate treat and we’ve started testing them to add to our packages.

As chocolate lovers, we have always been interested in the Annual Chocolate Festival held in nearby Greenville, Maine. This year the 14th Annual Festival was held on February 18th and we were able to get away in time to attend. Wow! A whole school gymnasium with tables set up all around the exterior walls. Each table was loaded down with various vendors offering a multitude of chocolate. There were more than we could name but some of the options were: chocolate fudge, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate clusters, various petit fours with chocolate and about every example of chocolate you could imagine. The set up was very simple: you pay for tickets and you get to pick a chocolate for each ticket you have. We picked the 10 ticket version and ended up with 10 delicious chocolate treats. I’d encourage everyone to attend at least once, I know we will attend again whenever possible.

It was a gorgeous day for the 45 min drive each way. And an added bonus to attending the Chocolate Festival was that it was held at the Greenville Consolidated School and as we were leaving we saw some ice sculptures that had been done outside the school. They were impressive in size and design. Pictures below.

We hope to see all our former guests soon and look forward to meeting all our upcoming new guests here at The Brewster Inn. Be sure to contact us to have some homemade chocolate treats ready for your stay!

Mark and Tina