Great things happen on your vacation when you use The Brewster Inn, located in Dexter, as a base to go and explore all that Maine has to offer. We are a 4 season destination and always have guests here multiple nights that don’t want to check in and out every day but would rather base themselves in one great accommodation for their vacation in Maine. We’ve finally left Winter and Spring behind us and are looking forward to the summer and fall seasons. Many of our guests visit Maine to explore the beautiful outdoor areas. We wanted to share some information on someone who can help plan a perfect day to explore gorgeous Maine outdoors.


Summer and vacation time is coming and there’s a lot to see and do.  Let’s start right here with Ed at Moose Country Eco Tours who is one of the very best State guides we work with. Ed specializes in unique and personalized tours of the beautiful Maine wilderness. 
Hiking (for all abilities) in the colourful and peaceful surroundings of forests and the Maine wilderness. You’ll learn all about the different plants, flowers, bird and animals that call this home. Enjoy the silence of natural Maine beauty at it’s best. Just you, Ed and nature. 

Ed also loves to be out in canoes on the ponds, lakes and streams in the area where you will glide along and get to see eagles, loons, ducks, beavers and other creatures. Hey, you may even see a moose too! He does night time paddles too were with just the natural light from the moon, you’ll get to see the milky way, constellations and meteor showers.


During Fall Foilage time in the Autumn, the whole region changes its appearance as the leaves change colour. Ed loves waterfalls and whether large or small knows where they all are as you head through the peace and quiet of the Maine woods only to hear the thunderous roar of the waterfall getting louder and louder. Waterfalls look amazing all year round, from winter when a lot are completely frozen over to the warmth of summer when they flow freely. The color change in the autumn looks incredible and the same areas take on a whole new appearance.

Here at the Brewster Inn, we have worked with Ed for many years. He always looks after guests incredibly well and goes above and beyond every time to make sure that all our guests have the best experience possible. Contact him directly right here.

We went on a tour with Ed last year and it was amazing, we saw a huge Moose come out of the woods and swim in Sebec Lake. We can’t wait to do more exploring this year. What’s your favorite outdoor Maine activities?

Hope to see you soon – Mark and Tina